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Platypus Services

About me
About me

But... Why am I doing this?

I spent 16 years network planning in the telecommunications industry.  This involved my learning and using a variety of management and personal skills to get the job done.  Here I got involved in Mentoring, Project Management, Software Engineering, IT Support, Interviewing for new staff etc.  All of which gives me a broad background of experiences to draw upon in order to advise and guide on the expectations of employee and employer, project team and project manager.
Meanwhile, I have also spent a great deal of my life doing all my own building and property maintenance tasks.  My Son reckons I can fix anything (I am not so sure).  I am reluctant to use the term experienced DIY as it conjours images of wonky shelves and tiles falling off of walls.
The pressure of big industry eventually reached a point at which I had had enough of working long hours and never seeing my kids and I eventually decided the only person I would be happy working for would be me.
I am a friendly, tidy, and consciencious individual.  I feel ripped off when a workman even walks into my house and before he has even given me a quote so I know how hard it can be to put trust in someone, especially with all the bad press about cowboys in the building trade.  I am NOT a builder, I am an odd job man.  Want an extension?  Ask someone else...
Now isn't that odd... the others usually say the opposite!

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